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After 12 years of extensive international exchanges and cooperation, Dalian Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language High School boasts of successful introduction of quality United States curriculum and education resources
combined with the advantages of a basic Chinese cultural education to develop courses with the characteristics of a curriculum system for international students.

With bilingual teaching, Chinese and American teachers cooperate to train top original-thinking students who have a deep and internationalized view of Chinese culture and are able to compete globally.

High School is divided into two systems, one is the Sino-American two-degree course, the other is the 2+1 stay in the United States continuous class. Generally speaking, the curriculum includes four major sections: The Chinese basic Culture course, the American high School core specialized course, the language examination guidance class, and the study abroad activity curriculum. The design of this curriculum fuses complementary Chinese and American core curriculum, highlighting language ability while at the same time maximizing students' advantages in subject curriculum. Strict implementation of the academic requirements ensures the project emphasizes personal culture, artistic skills,
social activities, and other aspects of comprehensive training so that the road to higher education is open to students in the United States. In this project we also establish United States Boston Campus Short-term research activities, the United States Model United Nations Conference, the United States test groups, and competitions such as winter/summer camp affiliated projects to further enhance the students' international vision and academic ability so that students are prepared to globally break new ground.

Course setting
Class IPP stay in the United States continuous class US-High School Double diploma class
The educational program Three years (2 domestic + 1 year abroad) Three years in Japan
Chinese basic Culture Course Examination subjects and elective courses in Liaoning Province (STEAM course, second foreign language) (Spanish, Japanese, Korean) Examination subjects and elective courses in Liaoning Province (STEAM course, second foreign language) (Spanish, Japanese, Korean)
United States core professional courses Two years - domestic:
International courses (English language reading and writing) + Natural Science, American culture, academic writing, integrated mathematics, (Maia), advanced writing, science, Statistics and Calculus, American history, elective course.
One year - abroad:
Maia Academic English course, MMPs American High Science Course, American University credit course
Core curriculum of American high school textbooks:
American literature, academic writing, American history, World history, American government, economics (mutual recognition of Sino-US Cultural course credits)
Language Examination Intensive Counseling Course The TOEFL/IELTS Language Examination course is integrated into the Chinese English course teaching system;
To strengthen elective courses and other forms of SAT1, SAT2, AP, international subject competitions such as the first course; to assist in applying to major schools
The special activity course of studying abroad Preparation for study abroad, planning guidance for studying abroad, guidance for college applications
Community: Foreign-taught basketball, equestrian, golf, squash, taekwondo, pottery, calligraphy, Traditional Chinese painting, band, and other characteristics.
Social practice: Environmental protection volunteers, international volunteers, helping migrant children, guide dog Charity Bazaar, the world's top 500 enterprises visit and study activities.
Diploma Chinese Senior High School diploma
Guaranteed admission to University of Massachusetts, Delaware University, or other U.S. institution
Chinese Senior High School diploma
American High School diploma
Teachers Professional and experienced foreign teachers team, with rich teaching experience and bilingual teaching of excellent Chinese teachers


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Graduation Locations
Rhode Island School of Design
Yale University, USA
University of California
University of Chicago
Washington University, USA
University of California, Berkeley
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Toronto, Canada
Boston Berkeley Conservatory of Music
Illinois Polytechnic University, USA
Virginia Institute of Technology Engineering
University of New York


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