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Elizabeth 国际课程教师 Richard 国际课程教师 陈阅平 语文教师 胡晓晴 生活教师

宫浩文 数学教师 康爽 地理教师 解静宜 历史教师 梁德刚 数学教师

梁馨元 语文教师 刘晶 数学教师 马博 美术教师 马瑞颖 生活教师

王彩霞 初中部副校长 王辉 语文教师 王譞 英语教师 王雅琳 化学教师

徐淼 演讲与口才 张浩 体育教师 袁世军 生活教师 张聪慧 化学教师

袁盼 宿舍教师 张蕾 英语教师 张玉娜 物理教师 郑光月 英语教师
Course setting
International courses: EIM (Enterprise Information Management, communicative skills, literature, science, writing
Bilingual courses: SSAT Mathematics, bilingual physics, bilingual politics, history, geography, biology
Syllabus: Nationally mandated courses
Growth course: A moral education program that focuses on students' own growth, self awakening, self, others, and society
Special sports: Equestrian, golf, foreign taught basketball class
Elective courses: chorus, arts, handicrafts, French, Spanish, robotics



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Outstanding Graduates
Qing Kang 2015 graduate, now enrolled in 24 international classes.
Won first prize of the 21st Century Cup English speech contest in Dalian
"Jia Hui International Education gave me strong English academic ability." Thank you, Ka-hui.

Qing Kang


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North Hekou Subway Station - Bus 1115 or 2002 To Oak Manor Stop
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