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Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School integrates quality education resources with advanced concepts of education to create a comprehensive primary school. We are deeply aware of the importance of primary school as the student's starting point for his life. Therefore, we cultivate our children's ability to expand prospects for future opportunities by teaching them to see the world with a clear eye and learn to explore the world by means of truth.


We have set up a comprehensive course of training integrating the curriculum systems of Chinese and Western education which promote social practice activities at home and abroad. State-of-the-art facilities mean that our campus is of international standards. We provide a team of international teachers, authentic foreign textbooks, English drama and Art courses, science, sports and art courses with foreign professors to create a pure and communicative English environment. We hope to give students knowledge of the modern world while respecting individuality, highlighting personality, tapping potential, cultivating international vision, and advocate for global competitiveness of influential leaders.

Academic courses
Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language School's curriculum system is divided into three parts: basic subject courses, project system learning courses, support courses.

First, Oak School is a continuation of the excellent Sunshine Primary School and has adopted the "1+x" model for subject courses; that is, the standard curriculum plus four areas of Chinese traditional study. Specifically; (1) basic education as a continuation of the successful Sunshine School experience with a solid grasp of core knowledge requirements so that primary school graduates have the ability to attend their ideal junior high school; (2) The continuation of the "four countries" characteristics of sunshine Primary School: table tennis, music, Chinese painting, Chinese culture, basic mastery of one of China's traditional musical instruments, the disciple rules, the Analects of Confucius, and other traditional cultural teachings. Interested students can choose to study table tennis. Although we are an international school, for students of traditional culture education is absolutely essential. Our wish is to cultivate a talent for comprehensive Chinese and Western culture.

Second, Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language School introduces the Finnish Education concept and development of the Oak Foreign Language School project system learning courses: (1) We use the teaching concept of project-type learning development in line with children's development projects, the best way to break the boundaries of student learning. Project learning integrates agriculture, marine courses, whole subject study, concentration training, communication skills, teamwork, investigation and information gathering, daily mathematics, Chinese, English, music, and art. The support course is divided into two parts featuring specialty courses and a rich campus culture.

Oak Foreign Language School of Taiwan introduces the Mathematics Super Brain Max curriculum, conducive to such traits as mathematics learning ability and interest, logical ability, and divergent thinking. This has proven to be a very useful system for students to develop their mental capacity. (2) The school has rich campus cultural activities which satisfy students' developmental needs. We organize domestic research travel such as the study of scientific subjects by taking students to Shanghai venues such as the Science and Technology Museum for in-depth study. Every year the school organizes a short-term project at the U.S. Busche Academy campus for one or two months of study to not only ensure their English has made great progress, but also to introduce United States campus culture and improve historical and cultural awareness.
Generally speaking, whether it is the study of basic knowledge or development of students ' interests and specialties, Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language school can provide students with a complete learning experience with our " Envisage nature while encompassing the world" school philosophy.


尊重学生人格 突出学生个性 挖掘学生潜能



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