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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
-Abraham Lincoln

It is my privilege to lead such an outstanding school that supports its students in creating their own futures. This is a school that will help your child to become leaders of the future. This is a school whose vision is to inspire our students to become lifelong learners. This is a school that believes in developing partnerships with our parents to develop the qualities of global leaders. This is a school that strives for high academic outcomes and personal wellbeing in an inclusive environment where all students are valued. In our vibrant campus, our community is safe, nurturing, well-resourced and challenging.

Our schoolwide learner outcomes give our students a sense of purpose. They clearly highlight the attributes, skills, qualities and learning habits needed to be successful in their lives. They encourage our students to learn beyond the classroom and to utilise the many opportunities within and outside the classroom walls.We are dedicated to ensuring all our students achieve their academic potential through setting high learning expectations, within appropriate and individualised learning pathways. Their progress is monitored closely to ensure excellent learning outcomes, which will give the opportunity to attend the top universities all over the world. We work in partnership with Cambridge International Education, Beijing Royal School and schools in the USA to provide a range of learning opportunities that support academic outcomes.

Our staff are passionate about education, committed to serving the best interests of our students, and have a fervent desire to build a school community focused on strong relationships. With our mission to work in partnership with our parents, our staff build strong bonds with both our parents and their children. Through this, our parents have a better understanding of our school.

Providing high quality teaching is our main priority. Our teachers are skilled, experienced, qualified and knowledgeable. But they are also learners; they are committed to working in collaboration with each other, as well as international institutions to develop our school as a top international community. We understand international education, the skills needed for life in the 21st century and the needs of global learners.

13. Great learning happens everyday; our classrooms are always open to you! We thankyou for entrusting the education of your child to our school. It is such a privilege and together, we will create young people who will be successful in a rapidly changing global world.




教育不仅仅是知识的传授,更是独立思维,同理心等的培养过程。 通过全球校园,多文化、多信仰、多种族的深入接触,使学生能够接受世界的大不同,从而做到求同存异,共同发展。学以致用,格物致知,将在世界中学到的知识技能根据实际情况应用是我们的最高培养目标。








校长 Principals

  • 校长:刘舒婧

    Principal: Toffy Liu

  • 副校长:Andrea May

    Vice Principal

  • 副校长:张慧

    Vice Principal: Iris Zhang

  • 学术总监:高天铭

    Academic Director: Tianming Gao

管理团队 Management Team

  • 教务处:郝洁

    TAO: Amanda Hao

  • 德育处:盛莉娜

    SAO: Selina Sheng

  • 升学中心:吴卓容

    SSO: Cindy Wu

教师团队 Teacher team

  • 语文

  • 英语语言艺术

  • 英语语言艺术

  • 英语英语语言艺术

  • 英语语言艺术

  • 英语英语语言艺术

  • 英语语言艺术

  • 音乐趣味艺术

  • 趣味艺术

  • 美术趣味艺术

  • 实验室技术员

  • 数学组

  • 数学组

  • 体育与健康

  • 科学

  • 历史

  • 政治

  • 地理

  • 生物科

  • 社会学

  • 化学科学

  • 物理科学

  • 教师:高天铭

  • 教师:郝洁

  • 教师:刘舒婧

  • 数学组

  • 教师:盛莉娜

  • 教师:吴卓容

  • 英语语言艺术

  • 教师:张慧