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Art production club

In order to enrich students' extracurricular life, improve students' professional quality and stimulate students' learning interest, we set up an art production club.

Our club's mission is based on our club's characteristic, the students are interested in art to provide a learning and to show themselves, improve themselves, and a platform to communicate with one another, let the students use simple grinding technique, combining with the simple inlaid technique, wooden bracelets polishing, and Mosaic, to experience the fun of the art production process, edify sentiment, is a very positive extracurricular activities, the establishment of our also is to discover our strengths, we explore of beauty advantage into full play.

In the growing process of art production club, we will also have a small goal for each course and carry out it step by step. We will also hold regular work exhibition activities to show our achievements.

Art production club is a student-centered club, all for the benefit of students, students can actively participate in the hope that enrich and improve their own. Raise oneself to artistic attainments and accomplishment.

Movie club

In order to enrich after-school life and cultivate students' interests, the school will set up a variety of club activities every year. The original film and television club is one of them. The club mainly includes: introduction of film knowledge, appreciation of classic films, film review writing. The purpose is to open up a space and time for the students who love movies, so that they can gain knowledge, experience the wonderful life after the intense study.

Introduction to club activities:

1.Lecture on film history

Since its birth in 1895, the film has experienced more than 120 years of development. Over the years, the evolution of shooting technology, the change of image style and the expansion of film theme have made the film take on a great change. In the activity, students will review the evolution of the film over the past hundred years in the vivid explanation of teacher tan, and learn about the fading stories and actors.

2. Appreciation of classic films

"Watching movies" is naturally the most important activity of our club. Miss tan will combine the history of film, carefully select the great films of each era and the representative works of famous directors and actors, after watching them, we will communicate with each other and have a heart-to-heart talk.

3. Comment and exchange

The purpose of watching movies is to improve students' aesthetic taste and cultural accomplishment. After watching several films, I believe you may have some insights into some films or paragraphs. Even if the same film focuses on different perspectives, the audience will have different perceptions. So pick up a pen, write it down, and share it with everyone, and we'll all be rewarded.

Drama club

In order to give students a good learning communication environment, to create a superior language atmosphere, make the students to experience the joy of learning English, use English, further arouse the students' interest in learning English, to cultivate the students' cross-cultural awareness, promote English comprehensive application ability, school founded the English drama club.

Under the leadership of foreign teacher Cara, drama club has carried out various forms of activities to stimulate students' potential performance desire through drama performance. Meanwhile, it also expands international vision, enriches its own connotation, understands life philosophy, cultivates team spirit and develops creative thinking.

literary club

Here is our talented and lovely oak four monsoon literary club ~ we are this semester just established a new club, and is so far the only one founded by students oh! Our main job, as you can see, is to start the school magazine.

Firstly, let me introduce the origin of the poetic name "si monsoon". Four monsoons from a group of poems: four gentlemen four monsoons, tell us the way of doing things. Here we have members of the talented literary youth, but also the technology of IT man; There are some outstanding students who can speak, know astronomy and geography, and there are some cute kids who can draw and write (we are also looking forward to more fairies and cute kids). Then you may be wrong, in the club class, we do our best, division of labor, there is laughter, quiet work. We edit text, make posters, write reports, and solicit contributions... Under everyone's hard work, our school magazine, the fourth monsoon, finally began to operate. (If there are students who want to contribute, we welcome the applause, and we also have the payment!) Is such a talented, temperature, vision of the literary club, hope to accompany every oak students grow together, look forward to your advice!

Pottery club

Pottery, known as "ceramic art", is an important part of the traditional culture of our country, it is carrying the Chinese civilization for thousands of years of history, is between sculpture, painting, and construction of a new culture form of expression, ceramic art of three elements: clay, water and fire are a product of nature, is human's closest friends and factors to the survival of life.

Ceramic art is a comprehensive course. Students not only understand the history and development of China's ceramic art, but also exercise their innovative thinking ability and problem-solving ability through thinking and hands-on production, improve their language expression ability and cultivate their self-confidence.

Music Band club

The band has always been an integral part of the event and has perfected the overall effect of each event. The training and performance process of the band improves the students' music quality, musical instrument performance level, music appreciation ability, teamwork ability, stage experience, and their self-confidence, so the significance of the band association is very great.

Band composition for 2018:

New band all club members from higher divisions, which the students to participate actively, some students have the experience of the instruments, but some have no experience, in order not to reassure the enthusiasm of students, yue teacher all the students enrolled to stay as far as possible, arrange different instruments, the band's establishment is as follows: lead singer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboards, piano, trumpet.

The band is not invariable, as the teacher should study unceasingly, innovates unceasingly. In the future we will continue to strengthen the band, not weaken, though facing many difficulties and problems, I think there will always be a way, as long as we enhance the confidence to continue to carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, with greater enthusiasm into the training management of the band, we believe that our school jia hui oak foreign language school characteristic band team will be more and more stronger!

Basketball club

The purpose is to cultivate students' love for basketball, improve students' physical quality, and exercise students' will and enhance students' feelings. The activities of the club can improve the skills of the students who love basketball and make them love basketball and sports in their later life.

Tutor course