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Training Mission

Our education and society are closely integrated to stimulate students' sense of mission and responsibility through balanced education, training students to have the overall quality of becoming an international leader. We will provide students with a safe, humane, resource-rich and challenging learning environment. Through the combination of international courses and Chinese national courses, students will develop themselves in international education system. Oak Foreign Language School is a Cambridge International School, code is CN608. Our school is authorized by Cambridge University to compare the national core curriculum with the Cambridge International curriculum and integrate the curriculum system that is most suitable for local students to learn and integrate Chinese culture and Western culture. The high school curriculum is in line with international standards and draws on the Cambridge International Curriculum System AS&A LEVEL.

Cambridge Assessment International Education Centre code: CN608

Authorized by the Cambridge International. The school will conduct a comparative study of national core courses and Cambridge international courses to integrate the most suitable curriculum system for local students, so as to achieve a comprehensive development by combining Chinese and western knowledge

The curriculum system of the high school is in line with the international standards, and the AS&A Level curriculum of Cambridge international curriculum system is used for reference.

What is Cambridge international curriculum system AS&A Level?

1. Spread all over the world (about 160 countries/regions)

2. Being taken as a national education system by several countries (" borrowing doctrine ")

3. Recognized by global universities (about 10,000 universities in the UK, the us, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong)

4. "Gold course system"

Training Features

Diversified teaching features, satellite classroom and mobile teaching help students fully experience the advantages of international education.

Students Assessment

The school pays attention to the progress of students in the learning process, pays full attention to each individual student, and helps students to achieve the expected learning goals and training goals through the periodic follow-up evaluation. Our evaluation includes:

Language proficiency test

Cognitive ability test

Picture of comprehensive personality

The layered teaching

We treat each student as an independent cultivation, and assign students to the appropriate level of learning under the condition of comprehensive evaluation of students' knowledge reserve, learning ability and prediction of students' potential. Stratification for students can maximize the different learning basis, different learning styles of students to obtain their own appropriate growth environment, conducive to the cultivation of self-confidence, and experience the fun of learning to enjoy the sense of achievement

Ability Grouping and Attention to Individual Learning Styles

Ability Grouping and Attention to Individual Learning StylesWe are constantly improving on the model through continuous assessment of students’ academic aptitudes, interests and growth potential. In this way we care create a learning environment that is both nurturing and challenging and thereby ensures all students succeed. Wide Course Selection Supports Student-Centered Learning. students can choose courses according to their aptitudes and interests. This policy gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of disciplines. Enabling students to express their learning preferences promotes learning and creates positive relationships between students and their teacher-mentors

Mobile learning

Mobile learning has not only relieved the students of heavy textbooks but has also enabled them to learn “anytime, anywhere.” With mobile technology, students can learn at their own pace, using self-evaluation tools to chart their own progress. Mobile apps are also connecting teachers with students and familie, improving communication ands students to receive continuous feedback and round the clock coaching and academic support.

Satellite classroom

Satellite learning has given students the ability to enroll in distance learning courses from top schools and universities around the world. Even more important, we has used its satellite network to share resources, teachers and expertise with underserved learners and teachers in schools throughout China, especially those in remote areas.

Tutor course

What is the tutorial scheme?

Chinese "Dictionary of Education" defines the tutorial system as: "a teaching system in which tutors give individual guidance to students in terms of study, morality and life". Specifically, the tutorial system is based on "people-oriented" education science development view as the theoretical basis, comply with the needs of the development of students and laws, by teachers with one or more (depending on the specific situation) the guidance of the students form a relatively stable and be directed relation, help students to realize the comprehensive and harmonious development of individualized education organization form. Its main features are:

1. Attach importance to the subject status of student education and implement the people-oriented concept;

2. Pay attention to individual differences, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, and promote the development of students' personality;

3. Pay attention to the overall healthy growth of students.

The tutorial system originated from the development

The goals

Provide complete education modules for students to choose, so that students in the international atmosphere to clear their own direction, to create a unique teaching environment and systemGuide students to learn self-management, plan their future academic career, have a certain plan for their career development, have a good outlook, can make contributions to the world.

The tutorial system features

Teacher teaches you knowledge and skills. A mentor makes you a better person Guide you to be the person you want, give you advice when you are confused,Their experience and knowledge, as well as the wisdom of life, can drive your inner motivation.They will be your role models, close communicators, facilitators of your own opportunities, organizers of your teaching activities, facilitators of your students' development, and counselors of your future development.