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Dalian Jiahui Education Development Group Co., Ltd.. Recruitment Chapter

Introduction to the Group

The Dalian Jiahui Education Development Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It now owns the Dalian Jiahui Middle School, Dalian Jiahui No. 2 Middle School, Dalian Jiahui No. 3 Middle School, Dalian Sunshine School (primary and junior high school), Dalian Sunshine High School, and Dalian Jiahui Oak Foreign Languages School. There are six academic schools and kindergartens, pre-schools, training centers altogether. They form a complete educational continuum from Kindergarten, through to High School. In the 15 years since its establishment, Jiahui Education has educated more than 15,000 outstanding students and thus is known as the leader of private education in Dalian. The school has won more than 100 honorary titles such as ‘top ten private schools in the country’ and ‘China's social reputation school’. At the end of February 2018, Jiahui Education merge with the Beijing Royal School and embark on the process of internationalisation, utilising the links with the Cambridge University International Department in order to provide and cultivate global perspectives.

About our campus and students

The Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School was invested in and built by the Jiahui Education Development Group in 2015. It covers an area of about 80,000 square meters and incorporates an integrated international education park based on K-12 provision. At present, the school houses more than 830 students, with more than 150 teachers, including nearly 30 foreign teachers. The Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten has more than 140 students and nearly 40 Chinese and foreign teachers.

In the High School, our vision is to cultivate global world leaders of the future through providing our students with a well-balanced education. It is our mission to inspire morally and ethically responsible people to develop the qualities of global leaders. We provide a safe, nurturing, well-resourced and challenging learning environment.

Do you want to a part of the groups journey to providing outstanding and first-class international education?

Do you want to contribute to an innovative and research informed approach to classroom teaching?

What we provide?

We provide

a competitive salary and benefits

a good working environment

a programme of continued professional development and learning

supportive parents

students willing to learn and embrace international cultures

Recruitment Criteria

In the High School, we provide A Level, a world renowned and transferable qualification, often seen as the ‘gold standard’ in world education. Our courses include





We plan to expand to include AP courses in the near future. We also offer elective programmes to ensure our students develop their critical thinking and global perspective

Our criteria

1. More than two years full time teaching experience of A level/AP

2. English native speaker

3. Bachelor Degree or above.

4. An enthusiasm for teaching

5. Patient with high sense of responsibility.

Salary and benefits:

The group offer a number of benefits including a competitive salary, airfare, medical insurance, holiday allowance, free Chinese lessons and staff child free tuition fee.


Resume or CV email: minping@brs.edu.cn


Telephone Number: 0411-86182028 Janet Min、Stephen Li

Official website: www.jhjy.cn


We welcome outstanding teachers from all over the world to join Jiahui Education!