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Autumn Enrollment Brochure of Dalian Sunshine School (Senior High Department) for the Year of 2019

【School Profile】

After 15 years of hard work, Dalian Sunshine School is a top brand education group. In cooperation with Beijing Wangfu school, it adheres to an educational philosophy of "Chinese humanistic feeling and international elite vision," jointly creating domestic quality education and international elite education. Thus making it a "double first-class" educational brand. The school gives full play to the role of the experimental curriculum reform of the ministry of education of China, and solidly promotes the establishment of a high-end brand of quality education. Simultaneously, the school incorporates the international education of Beijing Royal School and the international department resources of Cambridge University to fully integrate the world's most advanced education, and cultivate elite leaders with international vision and the ability to compete globally.

【Enrollment Target】

1、New grade 10 students (Overseas Track): New graduates from middle school or foreign students of different Chinese levels nationwide;
New grade 10 students (Domestic Elite Track): Middle school graduates from Dalian city.

2、Grade 11 and 12 (Overseas track): transfer students from corresponding grades nationwide.

【Application Procedure】

(一)International Courses

1、You can enroll in one of the following two ways:

a:Telephone reservation: Dial the registration telephone 04118618233 / 86182266 to register the student's name, gender, date of birth, parents contact information and other basic information for preregistration;

b:Registration on site: Bring an original residence Hukou booklet or ID card (foreign students should bring their original passports) and go to the Oak Foreign Language School Admissions Office to fill our an application form.

2、Know about the School

Admissions consultant detailed introduction of the school and curriculum.

3、Application materials:

a:An original copy of the student’s transcript and middle school graduation test results (with the official seal of the Dalian admissions office), an original and photocopy of the student’s ID card or Hukou residence booklet, an original passport should be provided for foreign students;

b:If the student has taken a standardized language examination, please bring their TOEFL and/or IELTS score reports (originals and photocopies).

4、Take a comprehensive entrance exam:

The comprehensive entrance exam includes mathematics (an English test paper), an English written test and an interview.

Please make an appointment with an admissions consultant in advance.

5、Those who have passed the test will be issued an admissions letter and an admissions notice, please report to the school at the time specified on these documents.

(二)Domestic Elite Classes

1、Registration: See International Class information above

2、School introduction: See International Class information above

3、Submit application materials:

Middle School Graduation Test Results (original with Dalian Admissions office Official seal), ID card and Residential Hukou Booklet (original and copy);


5、We will issue admission notices and admission notes for qualified students. Please register according to the instructions on the admissions notice.

【Teaching Features】

(一)International Class

International class has diversified teaching features, combined with satellite courses and takes advantages of mobile teaching to enhance international education.

Achievement Evaluation: We focus on the progress of students in the learning process and pay attention to each student. Through tracking and evaluation in each stage, we help students achieve the expected learning goals and educational aims.
Our assessment includes a language proficiency test, cognitive ability test, and comprehensive personality test;

Hierarchical teaching: Each student is regarded as an independent individual and during the process of the comprehensive evaluation of students ' academic foundation, learning ability and the prediction of students potential, the students are assigned to the appropriate class levels to learn. Hierarchical teaching can help the students with different academic foundations and learning styles to obtain the appropriate growth environment, cultivation of self-confidence, joy in learning and achieving.

Class rotation realizes full communication between teachers and students in classrooms of different subjects; helps with the development of subject teaching; enhances students' interest in learning and leads the direction of students’ future development. At the same time, it also expands the scope of students ' communication, increases the mutual influence among students, and is conducive to cultivating students' ability to work as part of a team;

Flexible Learning: not only helps students to get rid of their burdens, but also provides convenient access to learning anytime, anywhere. With the help of data analysis at different stages, students manage their own learning efficiently. Therefore, it is easy to adjust their learning approach in a timely manner. Through flexible learning technology, teachers can acknowledge every student's progress, while paying attention to individual differences. Personalized learning solutions are created quickly. Flexible learning concentrates on creating a student-oriented, fully opened learning platform. Through the "big data analysis", and "learning personalization and customization", the goal of full "intelligent learning" will be achieved.

Satellite courses: We cooperate with the satellite courses of Beijing Royal school to create a global resources-sharing platform of high-quality education. Students interact with foreign teachers through satellite courses, which strengthen the school's dominant position in international education.

(二)Domestic elite class

The combination of basic and special courses will help students improve their overall knowledge and ability.

1、Basic courses: we offer all standard high school courses, motivational education and study method guidance courses, career planning guidance courses, social responsibility courses, competition courses;

2、Featured Courses: Art, Physical Education, Life Skills, Psychology and Traditional Culture.

【School address】

Campus address: No. 91, east Hongchuan road, High-tech Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province

1、 Bus route:

a:Take the 202 light rail to the terminal at Xiaopingdao Qianzhan station, and then transfer to No. 1115 bus and get off at Oak Manor station.

b: take the express train to Caidaling station and get off. Then transfer to No. 1115 bus and get off at Oak Manor station.

2、Driving directions:

Please use GPS navigation and search for Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School.

【contact information】

Admission Office Tel:0411-86182233/86182266


Official WeChat: jiahui oak foreign language

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Middle School student recruitment brochure for 2019 autumn semester

【School Profile】

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Middle School always adheres to the educational concept of "Chinese humanistic feelings, international elite vision" in order to deepen the educational reform, to implement moral cultivation, to gather excellent teachers, to focus on curriculum quality, and to create the top education brand of "double first-class" for domestic quality education and international elite education. We aim to train our students to be rooted in tradition, to seize the present, embrace the future and develop in an all-round way.

【recruitment target】

1、new grade seven: the nationwide recruitment of grade six primary graduates

2、grade eight and nine: the nationwide recruitment of transferred students from corresponding grades

【class setting】

regular class, bilingual class

【registration procedures】

1、You can register through the following channels:

a: reserve by phone: call the phone number 0411-86182233/86182266 to register the student name, gender, birth date, contact information of parents and other basic information to make the first registration;

b: reserve at school: Please bring your household registration or original ID card to Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School’s admission office to fill in the application form.

2、School visit:

The consultants of admission office will give detailed information about the school and our curriculum.

3、 Entrance tests and standards:

Recommendation + interview

4、The students who pass the recommendation and interview will be given admission notice and fee details. Please pay the tuition within the specified time.

【teaching introduction】

(一)class setting

1、Regular class:

The curriculum of the domestic system includes all the courses stipulated by compulsory education. Teachers teach the courses in strict accordance with the curriculum standards and academic quality standards with the depth and breadth to meet the national standards. Adhering to the basic education concept for many years, we are committed to creating tailored foundational courses for students to help them enter the key high schools in Dalian.

The courses are divided into basic courses, featured English courses, specialty courses and growth courses. The syllabus is taught by experienced teachers, aiming at the key and difficult knowledge points, so that each student will master the exam skills to improve their academic performance. Foreign teacher classes are held once a week by native English speaker teachers to create a good English listening and speaking environment for middle school students.

2、Bilingual class:

In middle school period, our courses are integrated with national basic curriculum and additional English curriculum, including Cambridge courses, national courses, professional foreign teacher courses, specialty courses and growth courses.

a: We integrate the courses developed by Cambridge University in the United Kingdom with IGCSE and domestic textbooks, so as to meet the practical acceptance of students’ knowledge, and we also set up bilingual transitional courses including bilingual mathematics, bilingual physics, bilingual chemistry and bilingual art;

b:The national basic courses include mathematics, Chinese, biology, politics, history, geography, physical education, music, and fine arts.

c:The foreign classes are taught by experienced foreign teachers including courses like oral English, drama, science, Spanish, reading, dance and fitness, football and others;

d:The internal and external specialty courses include drawing, photography, pottery and other art courses; Japanese, Spanish, French and other language courses; Volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis and other sports courses; Magic, dubbing and other creative courses. We even provide golf, squash, fencing courses to give students broad space for their interest development;

e:The biweekly growth courses aim to provide students with a rich spiritual feast to guide their excellent growth.

(二)faculty allocation:

1、Senior domestic teachers with rich teaching experience

2、Senior foreign teachers from Britain and America;

3、Bilingual teachers with overseas study experience;

4、Bilingual teachers with rich teaching experience, profound professional skills and the ability to teach in English;

5、Kind and loving homeroom teachers and dormitory administrators

(四)teaching method:

1、Personalized teaching:

Student-centered; individualized teaching; stratification class; small classes bilingually or all in English; English standard international assessment test.

2、 Inquiry class:

We establish inquiry-based classes around three key points "question -- action -- reflection", respecting different views, guiding analysis and understanding, cultivating creative and critical thinking, and exercising academic research ability.

3、Interdisciplinary learning:

Through the interdisciplinary knowledge application and the social practical topic instruction, students can deeply understand the knowledge of every discipline with thorough penetration to foster the learning method of combining the theory and practice.

【school address】

Campus address: No. 91, Eastern Hongchuan road, High-tech zone, Dalian, Liaoning province

1、 Bus route:

a:take the 202 tram to the terminus at Xiaopingdao station, then transfer to 1115 bus and get off at Oak Manor station.

b: take the express train to caidaling station and get off. Then change to 1115 bus and get off at oak manor station.


Driving route: Please use GPS navigation and search Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School

【contact information】

Admission office phone:0411-86182233/86182266


Official WeChat: Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Middle School

Enrolment Brochure for Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School Students in Fall 2019

【School Overview】

Adhering to the educational philosophy and purpose of “rooting in traditional culture and taking an international vision to develop premium education”, Jia Hui Oak Foreign Language Primary School not only imparts modern basics, but also respects the personalities, stresses the characters and taps the potentials of students. The school aims to cultivate elite leaders with international vision and global competitiveness, as well as international inter-disciplinary talent integrating the Eastern and Western classical cultures with global view and bright future.

“1+X” teaching mode combining the outline and tailor-made school-based courses is adopted in basic courses, in order to enhance the cultural literacy of students while strengthening their knowledge of basic subjects. Advanced global education concepts are introduced and project-based learning courses are developed to break down boundaries between disciplines and train the abilities of thinking and integration of students. Meanwhile, an international campus culture with abundant features and specialty courses will be arranged at the same time.

【Enrolment Requirements】

Primary school Grade 1 to Grade 6: school-age students nationwide (resident/ nonresident is allowed);


1.Enrolment through the following channels:

a: By phone: pre-enrolment with basic information such as student name, gender, date of birth and contact information of parents by dialing 0411-86182233/ 86182266;

b: In person: filling in an application form with the original copy of family register or ID card in the enrolment office.

2.School tour:

Detailed information about the school and its curriculum arrangement will be introduced by the enrolment consultant.

3. Entrance examinations and standards:

a: For Grade 1 students: interview (The enrollment is limited to 180 students.)

b: For Grade 2 to Grade 6 students: transfer test + interview

Subjects of Chinese, Maths and English will be tested to enroll only those who are outstanding.

4. Those who have passed the examination shall pay the fees and register within required period after receiving the letter of admission and fee details.


I. Curricula

1. Core Curriculum

On one hand, OAK provides courses of nine year compulsory education required by the Dalian Education commission. On the other hand, OAK introduces Cambridge Assessment system, set up foreign classes, Super-Math STEAM courses, Up Up Teather-an art integrated curriculum, satellite classroom, electric piano, baseball, ping-pong, traditional art, traditional culture and PBL classes, to wake up students’ potential s and develop students key competencies.

2. Quality-Curriculum

Oak offers many optional courses in terms of music, sports, art and technology, such as Golf, Spanish, Japanese, Fencing, Roller skating, Street dance, Football, Programming for kids, etc., to meet student’s need.

3. Faculty

Oak’s highly qualified faculty are composed of experienced and professional Chinese teachers, native English-speaking foreign teachers, and bilingual teachers with overseas experience.

4. Teaching

Oak uses small-class teaching and creates an open teaching environment. Teachers pay close attention to transferred students, and provide one-on-one counselling. The after-school life is also rich and colorful here. The school values the sense of ceremony and timely education. Oak pursues ultimate satisfaction from parents, students and teachers and creates an advanced educational system and dynamic cultural environment to cultivate students comprehensive abilities.

II. School Facilities

1. Established against mountains, the environment of the campus is fresh and natural.

2. Intelligent infrastructure insures student’s safety.

3. The German central ventilation system purifies the air.

4. High quality desks and chairs-which are export goods for the United States-are environment friendly.

5. The school uniform is imported from the UK, which makes students look remarkable.


Address: No.91, HongChuan East Road, High-tech Zone, Dalian, Liaoning

1. Bus Routes:

a: Take Train 202, and get off at XiaoPingDaoQian Station. Then transfer to Bus 1115 and get off at XiangShuZhuangYuan Station.

b: Take Metro and get off at CaiDaLing Station. Then transfer to Bus 1115 and get off at XiangShuZhuangYuan Station.

2. Driving Route:

Please use GPS, search “Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School”and follow the route.


Admissions: 0411-86182233/86182266

Website: http://oakschool.com.cn

Official Wechat: 嘉汇橡树外国语学校小学部

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten student recruitment brochure for 2019 autumn semester

Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten

Jiahui Oak foreign language kindergarten is located near oak manor, south road, high-tech zone in Dalian. It is another high-quality, characteristic, high-end, international and diversified kindergarten built by Jiahui education. The kindergarten is adjacent to Jiahui Oak primary school, middle school and senior high school. It has first-class teaching equipment and excellent living facilities. Equipped with modern kitchen equipment and a professional art room, science room, kid’s kitchen, health care room, isolation room, and dance room. A large amount of teaching equipment and entertainment toys are directly imported from overseas. Oak kindergarten has natural lighting, spacious dormitory space and showers in each restroom.

Our outdoor areas are open and spacious. There is a garden maze, a sunshine bathing area, climbing area, sand area, planting area, animal care area and social experience area, among others. We are the largest forest kindergarten in northeast China

【Address】: No.100.hongchuan road in High-tech Zone Dalian Liaoning Province.

【The nature of running】:non-governmental kindergarten

【Characteristic courses:】:

Kindergartens carry out systematic educational activities according to the characteristics and needs of children's physical and mental development. Our course features physical fitness and foreign languages.

Orff music, African drum, traditional Chinese painting, creative art and other courses are also offered. Basketball, football and balance car are added. Among them, the balance car movement is called "educational movement" by the medical community. Integrating shock, danger, surprise, art and beauty into one, through whole body muscle movement, lets children's bodies be in an active and relaxed state. This increases brain activity in the cerebellum, promoting brain development and improving intelligence. It plays a good role in cultivating children's positive, confident, firm and enterprising personalities. The balance car is imported from Germany. The body of the car is made according to children's physical conditions and using safe materials.

【Application Time】: 08:00—11:30 13:00—16:00

Application Time: 08:00—11:30 13:00—16:00

【Target students】:

1. Target enrollment age: children aged 2-6 years old

2. Children of the right age who are physically healthy (without chronic infectious diseases), mentally normal and able to participate in collective activities normally.

Baby class(bilingual class) Before 31st, AUG. 2017
Primary Class(bilingual class) Before 31st, AUG. 2016
Junior Class(bilingual class) Before 31st, AUG. 2015
Senior class(bilingual class& International class) Before 31st, AUG. 2014

【Charging standard】:

Bilingual Class:4980 yuan/ each month

International Class:7980 yuan/ each month

Meal Fee: 4000 yuan/ each month ( It depends on days you are in the kindergarten)

【Matters need attention】:

kids who are qualified for jiahui oak foreign language kindergarten, please bring your kids, the original and copy of the kid's physical examination certificate, household register, kid vaccination certificate and other relevant documents to the oak enrollment office for registration. For details, please refer to "instructions for new students entering oak foreign language kindergarten in 2019"

【Contact Us 】:

Contact Methods: 0411-86182233/86182266

Official Wechat: Jiahui Oak Foreign Language Kindergarten

Instructions for new students entering oak foreign language kindergarten in 2019

Dear parents:

we hereby inform the relevant regulations of our kindergarten as follows:Physical Examination System

New comer (new comer):

1. Physical examination:

Materials needed: child health handbook

Location: maternal and child health department, 2nd floor, lingshui regional hospital (176 lingshui road, Ganjingzi district, Dalian)

Time for physical examination: 07:30-09:30 am, from Monday to Friday.

Physical examination requirements: children can not eat anything before physical examination. The report can be taken the next day after the physical examination.

2. Vaccination inspection:

Take this vaccination book to the vaccination site with the seal of the vaccination sites.

* Hand in the manual of children's health care and this manual of preventive inoculation to the health care doctor when entering the kindergarten.

1. Physical examination:

Materials needed:

A:child health handbook

B: transfer certificate issued by the previous kindergarten;

C: transfer certificate issued by the health care doctor of our kindergarten;

D: Meals fees receipt of any month in the last three months.

Location: maternal and child health department, 2nd floor, lingshui regional hospital ( lingshui road 176, Ganjingzi district, Dalian )

Time for physical examination: from Monday to Friday 8:00-11:30 a.m. 13:00-16:00.

Physical examination requirements: parents go directly to maternal and child health department seal, without taking your children.

2.Vaccination inspection:

Take this vaccination book to the vaccination site with the seal .

* when entering the kindergarten, please submit the manual of child health care, relevant materials of the kindergarten and this book of vaccination to the health care doctor.

二、 System for picking up your kids

A: parents are expected to pick up the children in time so as to avoid the baby crying.Leaving time: 07:30-08:00 in the morning, 16:00-16:30 in the evening.

B: To ensure a good order in the kindergarten, please don't stay in the kindergarten for a long time after picking up your child. If parents entrust others to pick up your children, please inform the teacher in advance, and pick them up after confirmation.

C: when coming to the kindergarten, make sure that you are neatly dressed and well-behaved. No smoking or talking in the kindergarten.

三、Tuition fees system

Parents should pay all fees before their children enter the kindergarten.

Iv. Other matters noted

A: when infectious diseases spread, isolation measures should be taken in time to ensure the health of other children.

B: when children are not comfortable and need to take medicine, parents should fill out the medication form carefully to avoid taking the medicine by mistake.

C: if the child has a special condition, such as a history of allergies (food and medicine), convulsions, etc., the parent should fill out the registration form and explain to the teacher of your class, so as to avoid accidents.

D: when the parents send the children away from the kindergarten, the parents' vehicles are not allowed to drive into the main gate of the kindergarten. The vehicles can be parked in the parking lot 100 meters ahead of the kindergarten or on both sides of the main gate to ensure the children's safety.

Jiahui oak foreign language kindergarten

Let the child's smile more brilliant, let the child's mind more active,

Let the child's vision more broader, let all the best meet!