Located in Chester, New Hampshire, the Jiahui Busche School covers an area of 280,000 square meters, and has a building area of 5,200 square meters with 6 buildings. It has a library, a teaching and activities center and two dormitory buildings for 500 students. The kitchen and dining room are well equipped for 500 students. Outdoor basketball court, football field, badminton field, football field, table tennis room.
The school is a registered school officially approved by the state ministry of education, implementing the K12 integrated international education model. The campus is located in the north of Boston, which is the best education in America. It is 77 kilometers away from Boston airport and 45 minutes' drive. Famous private high schools in the United States, Philips, Philips Exeter, Sao Paulo, are within a 30-mile radius of the campus. Pinkerton high school is the nation's largest independent high school, just five miles from the campus and a nine-minute drive away.
The teaching team of the school district is mainly composed of American teachers with teaching experience, all of whom are qualified for ESL teaching. The curriculum focuses on students' multiple intelligence. It is true that students are taught in small classes and taught in accordance with their aptitude, laying the foundation for their future development.The campus is adjacent to the best high schools and universities in the United States, providing favorable conditions for the school's education, teaching and academic atmosphere. Students regularly visit famous universities and invite famous professors to enter the campus, which broadens students' horizon and sets their future direction. The campus provides students from all over the world with authentic native American culture courses and language learning, Total care services, and integrated management of teaching, cultural activities and accommodation.Jiahui Busche Academy in the United States for the global students to expand the international vision, achievements in the future wonderful life path forward.